5 Baking Supplies Store in Singapore

Either you are new to baking or a baking old bird, I would suppose you would have your fair share of hunting for baking bargains, new and trendiest baking goods as well as tools! We have compiled a list of baking companies and supplies stores in Singapore so that you can kickstart your baking spree this coming long labour day holiday.


1. Phoon Huat



The biggest baking chain in Singapore, with 13 stores across Singapore. Phoon Huat carries pretty basic items such ask baking tins, baking tray, wilton products, food coloring, cake board, flour, sugar and everything you need to kick start baking. The items they carry are pretty affordable, however if you want the better brands like Valrahona you would be disappointed.


Currently Phoon Huat run a sale every Weds and Sun, so be sure to shop during those days to get an additional 10% off your final price!


2. Sugar Smith Inc




Sugar Smith Inc is a home grown Singapore brand run by professional bakers who saw a gap in the baking scene in Singapore. They are an online shop with a pickup point, most non-perishable items can be sent to you via post, however perishable items such as chocolates, flavourings will require store pickup (or you can arrange your own courier!) Sugar Smith Inc specialise in branded french luxury baking ingredients such as Valrahona and Cacao Barry, natural flavouring and sugar crafting products for sugar flowers. The team also curates overseas products and brands to always update their product list. The team actually have a professional chef to help you with technical questions and they also give out free recipe ;p if you ask them nicely.


Readers from Yume Patisserie get a 5% off your first purchase by using the promotional code YUME5


3. Bake King




Bake Kingis located at Blk 10 Haig Road #01-363/365 Singapore 430010. They sell alot of their house brand flour, dried goods and other misc. This store is exceptionally great if you live in the East. You can also visit their online store to check out what they sell before heading to their physical shop to start your baking spree.



4. Sunlik


Sunlik tradingis a very old school baking shop (located at Seah Street) right opposite Raffles Hotel! It's extremely prime location makes it easy to shop, however do note about their operating hours before heading down to avoid disappointment. Sunlik carries alot of baking products and intersting upscale brand like sugar smith inc such as Valrahona and they also carry their own house brand of flour, icing sugar which are the basic necessities for baking. On the down side, their products are abit pricey, however, their products are certainly great.


Opening Times Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 6:30pm, Sat: 8:30am - 6:00pm Sun & Public Holidays: *Closed


5. MoldMart



Moldmartstarts from a online shop on carousell and they have a online presence and their new shop. As their name suggest, they mainly sell molds and modelling tools. These are really great if you work alot with fondant and is looking at challenging your current decorating scope.


They also carry interesting baking products and cake stands for your party needs.



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