Buttercream cakes - not just about the taste

Buttercream cakes are crowd winners when it comes to celebrating occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other event. They not only taste amazing -- luscious cream always has guests coming for more -- but can be visually stunning too.


From our experience consulting with customers, we’ll share with you popular designs that your loved ones will enjoy.


1. Flowers​

Yume Patisserie’s signature realistic flower cake design


Different from traditional buttercream where flowers may look dull and lifeless, our technique allows for a more organic looking coloration and fuller looking flowers. Applying different piping techniques we can then create looks such as the rustic looking bouquet, or a more clean and elegant design.

Elegant modern floral wreath cake

2. The Painted look

Modern “shou” cake with painted floral body for a special celebration


Painting with buttercream is big these days. Cake artists create cakes that look like they were taken out from an art gallery with just the humble palette knife. The possibilities are endless as the cake artist changes her tools and colours on the canvas that is a delicious cake.

Realistic buttercream flowers with a painted body


3. Colours that pop!

Sometimes simple designs are the most well loved ones. A simple ombre cake may be all it takes to brighten up someone’s day.

Simple blue to white ombre cake for a birthday


Need a pop of colour at your party? Our vivid modern buttercream floral cupcakes might be just what you’re looking for.

Modern floral cupcakes in shades of pink

4. Classic cakes

Romantic red and pink roses on a classy white cake


Last but definitely not least, are the classic styles. Cakes covered in pure white buttercream adorned with flowers and elegant designs are one of the long time favourites of our customers and we are sure you can see why.


Classic white cake with dreamy pastel roses for Ms Aileen Teo’s wedding anniversary


Perhaps you want a painted buttercream body with life-like sugar flowers, or maybe it’s cute fondant animals in a bed of buttercream flowers. We don’t limit ourselves to one technique, speak to us to find out what we can do for you.

Giraffe, deer and mice in a field of flowers for a whimsical party


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