8 Wedding Cake Trends in 2018

Congrats – you’re engaged! To help our brides-to-be plan their perfect wedding, we have complied a few wedding cake trends 2018 to help inspire your custom wedding cake.


1. Metallic Wedding Cake

Metallic Wedding cakes are for the glamorous. With its shiny finishing of gold and silver, it is the epitome of wedding luxury.



2. White-on-white Wedding cakes

Wedding white is time-tested style that will not go out of trend, especially when it comes to the wedding cake. Add these intrinsic patterns to your traditional wedding cake and achieve a look of modern traditional look for your wedding.


3. Macaron Wedding Cakes

If you are looking for a wedding cake that has an elegant feeling with a different a macaron wedding cake is for you. Each cake is a masterpiece painstakingly and laboriously made by true confectioner. The sophisticated and exquisite style speaks volumes about the wedding.



4. Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Unleash your inner artist with our hand-painted wedding cakes. Using the cake as a blank canvas, you create the perfect art piece (regardless of theme, setting, style) to suit your wedding.

5. Ombre Wedding Cakes

Add a splash of colours to your wedding with our ombre wedding cakes. A must-have for all beautiful, bright and colourful brides.


6. Marble Wedding Cakes

Marble wedding cakes are amazingly beautiful, incorporating the design trend of all things chic and marble and come in just about any shade you like to fit your wedding theme.

7. Fresh Flower Wedding Cakes

Fresh flowers can add a pleasing and vibrant quality to your cake decorating. Arranged artfully on the cake, fresh flowers will complement your garden styled wedding and bring nature indoors.

8. Sugar Flower Bouquet Wedding Cakes

If your favourite fresh flowers are out of season, explore sugar flowers. They are just as beautiful, realistic, and completely customizable, made in shapes, colors, and varieties that suit any scheme or theme.


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