Korean Glossy Buttercream Floral Cakes - A Short Introduction

Korean buttercream flower piping is not easy. Especially if you have learn this skill from the Wilton classes before, you will realise how different and 'old fashion' it looks compared to the modern, light and clean glossy korean buttercream which are taught worldwide by famous chefs like Kimncake, GG.cakraft etc. However these are often very expensive and they are usually taught over a period of 3-4 days which are not very viable for most of us who hold regular jobs in Singapore.


I have personally attended both wilton classes as well as the authentic class from Ms Kang of GG.cakraft so I can tell you the main difference to achieve beautiful korean buttercream flowers.






1. Piping Tips

If you are using the wilton manufactured piping tips, you are already losing half of the race. Reason? The piping tips are too thick to create light and thin petals which light can pass through easily. The piping tips which was used to create this piece are special piping tips which are specially imported from Korea. These tips are also made in Korea and only available through local distributors.





2. Buttercream

If you always encounter problems during piping such as - melting buttercream, soft buttercream, breakages the 90% of the problem can be solved using a good buttercream recipe. Myth: Korean buttercream are itallian meringue buttercream. It is 100% not true. Korean buttercream may have the similar technique to our beloved IMBC but method of mixing is totally different thus creating a more stable and sticky buttercream for easy piping of flowers.



3. Colours

Traditionally flowers are piping without understanding the colour theory or wheel. Most people only use one single color to tone their buttercream, thus the colours does not have any vibrancy or difference from one cake to another. Understanding the colour wheel is an important skill which can bring you very far in this industry as it means you can only purchase 10 colours and achieve all the colours and shades you wish to - very much like a magician!


Here's a classic rose korean buttercream glossy video and we are proud to present our new youtube channel - Chef Amber Yume Patisserieand we will showcase our mini "how to" and do keep a look for our recipes! If you are interested in attending a korean glossy buttercream class, check out our schedule conducted by Chef Amber - www.yumepatisserie.com/masterclass

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